Causes of religious crises in nigeria essay

If not so, one wonders why people act contrary to the teaching of the holy books whether the Quran or the Bible in matters pertaining to peaceful co-existence, unity and sanctity of life, and property.

It was just like a vengeful operation. Mis governance and ascendant pentecostalism in Nigeria. Ibid pp 49 No one can quantify the extent of damages caused by these ethnic crises in Nigeria.

Since this paper has been mostly concentrated on conflicts in the North, the religious factor might be highlighted — due to the decisive religious cleavages in this region.

Law enforcement and security agents should be re-oriented on the importance of being neutral when putting down crisis of any nature in the country. It provides harsh sentence for alcohol consumption infidelity and theft.

Ethnic and religious crises in Nigeria

Under the pretext of tribalism, they therefore incite such crises in the country. To buttress further from the Christian side, the Holy Bible, in Peter 3: This could be the reason why any conflict in Nigeria is usually characterised by a large number of fighters Kura In this type of system, authorities cannot provide anything meaningful for their subjects.

Where their interests clash, it results to conflicts. Minority issues in Nigeria are also seen as one important phenomenon which causes ethnic conflicts in the country.

Lewis argues that a number of principles of ethnicity are used by political leaders and others to frame their arguments as to how things should be accomplished.

Religious Crisis in Nigeria

African postcolonial literature in English in the postcolonial web. Today, Nigerians feel insecure in the regions other than their own.

Authorized King James Version, John Loyola journal of social sciences, 25 2pp. Be kindly affectionate one to another with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another. Almizan of 16th Zulkida for example reported that over Hausa people were killed by the Igbo in the East to avenge the killings of Igbo in Kaduna7.

Boko Haram can consume us. The political events of the January 15, coup and the July counter-coup further entrenched ethno-religious configuration in Nigeria. In such a case, uprisings occur in the name of religious crisis where the frustrated Nigerians will take laws into their hands in the name of protecting the interest of their various religions.

Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria

Prophet Isa Jesus AS displayed a good model and requested all his followers to emulate. However, the importance of the conflict in the North comes from its global origin. God is not to be portrayed as a God who delights in the death of his creation.

Religious Crisis in Nigeria

Al-mizan of 16th Zulkida, ; Similarly see all the publications of Almizan and other Kaduna based Newspapers published within the period of the Kaduna crisis, I.

The task of guiding the misled to virtuous behavior and persuading them to stop doing wrong Al-amir bil-al-ma-rouf wa-al-nahy anil-munkar is laid on every Muslim and this is why every Muslim is supposed to preach righteousness and decencySearch Results for 'ethno religious crisis in nigeria causes' Political Crisis In Nigeria: Causes And Cures This year is to be a year of faith and I find myself reflecting a lot on what it means to follow Jesus.

The historical roots of crises and conflicts in Nigeria and Kaduna State in particular can be traced back to these primordial social factors of ethnography, geography, religion and culture. Secondly, how the human agents have used man, family and government/state to engender crises and conflicts.

Ethno Religious Crisis in Nigeria: Causes and Remedy.

Religious Crises in the North: Which Way Out of this Quagmire? By Aliyu A. Ammani [email protected] This essay is an attempt at identifying the remote and immediate causes of the incessant religious crises in northern towns and cities, if you’d rather the so-called middle belt political zone of the north.

Nigeria has been engulfed in numerous religious crises and/or conflicts between and 1 (Warner ). Due to their tendency to spread into other areas after an early stage in one area, ethno-religious conflicts have gained notoriety as the most violent crises in Nigeria.

Ethno Religious Crisis in Nigeria: Causes and Remedy.

TITLE PAGE RELIGIOUS UNREST IN NIGERIA: CAUSES, EFFECTS AND SOLUTION. DEDICATION I want to dedicate this work to those prospective authors that dedicated their time to evaluate files and write about the religious situation in the country and give their general opinions on the matter.

Causes Of Conflict In Nigeria Nigeria is micro nationalism, ethnic, religious and communal conflicts which, pose great threat to peace, security and progress.

Causes of religious crises in nigeria essay
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